Evelyne Tschirhart
English (UK)Français (FR)

Double Architecture


From  Crecy la Chapelle to El Gouna in Egypt, architectures have mingled.  Mirage of an unusual  encounter  ? The house of Crecy, partly hidden by a wall covered with tiles,  darts its chimneys into the sky while the dogs are sitting in front guarding the house. Darkened window panes are a reminder of the East. The Orient which display its white and red domes under Crecy’s cloudy skies.

The lacy cornices  have  surrounded the walls of the austere  property .

The blue colour of the sky is printed  in the stone like magic doors.

A new architecture was born and the vegetation got lost on the virgin wall.

What was at a distance became close  and what was close changed its appearance.

Where are we ?

These architectures that fit, penetrate and cut surfaces which make the day and night coexist like in a dream, are a call to leave on a trip.  Here or elsewhere, the change of scenery is everywhere. The world  which we secretly carries in ourselves, seeks its benchmarks in a thousand  detours, here where  the desire always  leads us.